GOP Candidates Who Knew What a Satellite Was

Brock personally  talked to each candidate or their media consultant, ascertaining they understood the impact of satellite and interactive TV

Bob Dornan

Colin Powell

Lamar Alexander

Pat Buchanan

Phil Gramm

Steve Forbes

         In 1996 Brock was informed by the Dole-Kemp Campaign that they had been told by Haley Barbour that the use of satellite and other innovations for campaigns was not permitted by GOP candidates for the office of President of the United States.   The conversation had begun with the remark by Brock that he was an admirer of Jack Kemp, which seemed to please the man.  
               As Brock recalls, the RNC Chairman, Haley Barbour, had "made a peace treaty" with the DNC and so was following through with their DNC-RNC agreement prohibiting the use of satellite, PhoneVoter TV, their Presidential Debate Tournament; in favor of their own, private Presidential Debate Commission locking out all other candidates, Independents and political parties.

Read the Warning Letter below
       All of the candidates, both Libertarians, and GOP received individually modified copies of the same PhoneVoter Proposal with the same costs, which were as low as possible.  Democrats did not receive proposals because their National Committee had already purchased satellite services while Haley Barbour had forbidden the GOP candidates from using PhoneVoter or satellite services.  He told them he was, "Keeping his word on the agreement four years previously."  Snicker.  

The proposals and contact information are above, good for both LP and GOP.

Libertarian Candidates for the 1995 - 1996 Period
Since none of them responded we cannot say whether or not they knew what a satellite or Interactive were as technologies.
Libertarian Candidates were aware of the 1995 Warning Letter.

Harry Browne
Presidential Candidate

Perry Willis
National Chair, LP
Received the materials sent to candidates.
   Did not respond. 

Irwin Schiff
Anti-IRS Activist