Presidential Candidate Debate Tournament

      As of August 19, 2018, exactly 424 individuals had already declared their candidacy for the office of President of the United States in 2020, more will doubtless join them. 
     Despite this, being unknown today does not need to be a barrier to election, as we proved in 1992 with the rise in support experienced by Perot, Brown, Clinton and Buchanan.  Three of these candidates engaged with voters in a real dialog on issues using PhoneVoter tallies or being heard through Unedited Presidential Candidate Speeches .  The unedited part is important.  It is a first step in seeing candidates as they are, before the gloss and editing takes place. Speeches are made in a booth or in front of a group with PhoneVoter director present.  1992 taught us to be less trusting of canned speeches, unfortunately.   
          The unedited speeches of Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan never changed and this did not matter. At the bottom of the TV screen were two phone numbers for AGREE/DISAGREE.  New viewers kept watching them and voting and their poll numbers continued to rise as TV news directors could also re-broadcast the speeches in whole or part.  An initially live show can be re-broadcast 90 times. 
        After 1992, we realized being elected hinges on Name Recognition, gaining trust from voters, and finding solutions to the problems voters are facing today and demonstrating the ability to take action for your own campaign by showing your own ability to lead before you are elected to office.  
              PhoneVoter's Presidential Programs were designed to divide  questions in to two parts:  One, of solutions;  Two, those proposed which require the use of force, by law, war or violent means, from those which use self-interest and persuasion.  We do the same today with Freedom Interactive TV Networks .  All Interactive, all the time.  
            How to pay for this, you ask?  A lot easier than you think.  

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        As part of your Campaigns on Satellite (COS) we show you how to become visible and accessible, illustrating your ideas with action.
        Starting now, declared candidates can sign up for  their own shows with COS.  You will need some time to put your show together.  We provide consulting and, if you want, will do the advertising sales for you. (You can actually make a profit if you do it yourself, but people are different.) 
        Shows will begin to air January  2019. You can declare at the Federal Elections Commission, too.  But what counts for Freedom Interactive TV, PhoneVoter, is filing out your PhoneVoter Declaration.  

         On your COS, you can work at building up your name recognition.  Talk about your solutions, yourself, what matters to you, and face off in the Preliminary Rounds with other candidates in our Presidential Candidates' Debate Tournament. 

        Voters will decide the winners for every Round, Preliminaries, Secondaries, and Finals.  
        The first Debate will take place in 2019.   ​