PhoneVoter Declaration of Candidacy for the
Office of President of the United States of America

    The cost of your webpage, to be linked to your own Campaign site, on the PhoneVoter site is $250.00.  This provides web presence and the means for potential supporters and media to contact you.  
        In addition, you pay the cost for your first ad, which you can then sell to a supporter, or use yourself.  $1,500.00 puts you on the air, starting your campaign on national television as a candidate.  
     Expect a handling fee of 3% for processing Interactive donations or purchases, besides your own costs of fulfillment. 
       If you wish us to produce and crew a COS for you this is a separate and negotiable.  If you do not have your own ad agency you can coordinate production of Interactive Ads for your sponsors with some upfront programming fee and 15% commission on the media buy and/or other gross income from sales.  
     You will be receiving emails for tutorials on selling ads to support your campaign as well.  When you are in a debate know that your opponent will be selling the same number of ads as are you. 

    As Bill Clinton discovered when he was flat broke in March of 1992, people will donate.