Presidential Candidates'
Debate Tournament

    Americans continue to be dissatisfied and frustrated with the Sound Bite-athons carried out privately by the Demopublicans under the auspices of their entirely private  'Commission for Presidential Debates.'  The 'Commission' is a 501 (c) 3 under the complete control of their bi-partisan brand and, not surprisingly, they think the status quo is just dandy and no changes are necessary.   
     In 1992, PhoneVoter planned a Tournament so  Americans could control this essential part of the electoral process.  PhoneVoter serves both as a history of the past, and a road to a future where Americans assume their right to participate in determining what actions, especially solutions, elected officials take on their behalf.    See what 1996 could have been. Let's make it happen in 2020.                          
  Want  A REAL  Debate? You can have it. 

​                                                          2020 Debate