The PhotoVoter Team

Freedom was, and remains, their goal.

Robert d'Avignon

Howard Hinman

Lawrence Samuels

Samuel E. Konkin,III

Ron Fink

Ron Fink programmed the Xerox into a scanner/fax, producing PhoneVoter's main line of communication.  Robert d'Avignon answered the phone.  Howard Hinman provided ideas for shows.  Sam Konkin and Bill Cousert did still graphics and wrote copy.  Larry Samuels contributed his logo. Larry was in the process of selling Athena Graphics to Ron Fink.  Lance C. Williams did the Voice-Overs on Show Intros. Franscesca Collins-Allen and Bob d'Avignon worked on The Melanin Brothers & Sisters format for PhoneVoting on hosts and panelists. 
     Brock interacted with Kachina Computer Graphics, Sunset Beach CA  Kachina pioneered Amiga Toaster Animate Graphics with 12" Laser Disks for Unedited Presidential Candidates Speeches, Liberty Rings.  Gary Tomlinson, CEO of Telepoll 700-800-900#, worked with both PhoneVoter TV and Owners of America, Inc.
​Brock took care of contacting 64 Presidential Candidates or their campaigns with Melodee Baird Paul and Dave Hansford of Keystone Communications.  

Lance C. Williams

William Cousert

Affiliated Companies in 1992